Butterflies are evil

I had a very nice dream last night. A person I am very fond of was by my side despise the land, sea and time that separates us. Seems that we were lovers for a dream, and what I felt was so warm, tender I so want to have it, but it is the craving that makes one suffer. He had his arms around me and his tender face was so close to mine. He made fun of me as always, and it was so warm, he felt his face in mine and claimed how soft it was, I replied as if and giggled. (Where did I get this idea?)

Although we live in different worlds, I was in a world where we were together and lived in the same country. He made fun of my fear for butterflies and kissed me. What a nice dream indeed. It’s a shame that it will not happen, or at least not so soon, or at least very scarce are the chances. My path drives away from his and he is not waiting for me. Who knows he’ll even be married when I see him again. How I tried hard for this nit to happen. Let the flow of things, my effort, my longing join or ways otherwise let my path cross with someone that reminds me of him.


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