This blog

This blog will be where I (try to) write down mine and my family’s favourite (vegan) recipes.

A cake does not need either cow milk nor eggs nor animal butter to be wonderful.

Food doesn’t need meat or fish or egg to be wonderful. You have to taste everything to have an opinion, why don’t you create that opinion for yourself? I’ve eaten tofu that tasted like chinese smoked duck (that gave me a very big scare), mushrooms that tasted like chicken (another scare). There are a lot of things you can create! Use your imagination!

My recipes are simple to make and do not require ingredients that you never heard of (I think), most of them are easily found in your usual supermarket and local asian store.

Feel free to contact me if anything, I don’t know… you may talk to me… perhaps you want to collaborate?

This is my dear hobby blog.


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