Potatoless Low-Carb Soup Formula also Low-Fat

So I’ve placed the lonely high starch potato in the most dark and unreachable corner there is. That means no potato in my soup, hell no. Although in my diet, carb is not the strongest villain to beat (it is fat), you only need to cut on carbs like potatoes and flours, those are calorie bombs awesome for post-exercise meals, but if we’re not sweating that much, why not kick that potato away?

So what to do to replace the creaminess of our (grounded ):<) potato? Leeks, cauliflower, pumpkin, chestnuts, carrots. If you do not like leeks, you’re not even going to notice the flavour. In order to adapt to any soup which features potatoes, you just need to replace the potato for these ingredients, over time you’ll find out what works best for you and start swapping ingredients like a pro!

What works for me is roughly:

1 big potato = 1/2 cauliflower floret
= 1/2 white part of the leek + 1 medium carrot
= 1/3 cauliflower floret + 1/3 white part of leek
= equal 1 cup chestnuts
= 1 cup pumpkin

Of course it is not going to taste the same, every ingredient as its unique flavour, personally I love love chestnuts, but it is so expensive, man, what I use most is leaks what I like most (other than chestnuts) is cauliflower, the creaminess is perfect.

Good “soup’ing”! Crush those veggies! Eat those veggies!