Paleo Pumpkin Dessert

I’ve got a whole pumpkin sitting in my fridge, in the adventure of looking for recipes, I concluded that those are too much work and the taste is all the same, you know, the usual cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice combination. More than that I appreaciate the natural sweetness of the pumpkin, it is so sweet and delicious already, why overfill it with other tastes?

Simple is really the best in some cases, you are eating pumpkin, not the fragrance of the spices. In my opinion spices are only to enhance taste and not to “create” taste, if you know what I mean, you don’t add salt to a cake to make it taste savory but to bring out the sweetness of the taste.

I think pumpkin can do that on its own, all you need to do is to bake it right. I chopped it in 3-4cm pieces, set the grill setting of the oven to 200ºC and put aluminium foil losely over it (so it doesn’t burn the meat), and let it there for 1h30 and went to set my documents straight.

When I came home 4 hours later the pumpkin smell was still dwelling all over the house, was a good «welcome home».

On the baking tray, there stood some caramelized pumpkin juice, so beautiful! And here I leave you my recipe!


500g of chopped pumpkin (you don’t need to chop of the skin)
1 tbsp of honey (or to taste)
200g of greek yoghurt
water or milk (optional, to taste)


1. Place pumpkin in a baking tray, losely cover with aluminium foil and bake for 200ºC in grill setting for 1h30.
2. Let the pumpkin cool down until you can remove its skin, after removal you can either smash it with a fork or combine well in a food processor along with honey and yoghurt. You can add water or milk if the product is too thick for your taste, and adjust honey if desired.



Vegan low-carb lettuce soup | Sopa low-carb de alface

Brother got stuck with braces, he couldn’t stand the pain and can’t eat anything that requires chewing. So soups are the “solution”. Solution=liquid. He liked it, so did my mother. Ay!

1 washed big or medium lettuce
2 medium zucchinis
2 onions
2 garlic cloves
2 handfuls of chopped leek
500 ml water
3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
Salt to taste
1 tbsp fresh coriander (optional)

1. Steam the lettuce. Put every ingredient in a pot, add water, bring water to a boil and keep small fire (100ºC) for 25 minutes.

2. Transfer the soup to a food processor or whatever to cream the soup. Correct the salt.

3. Put some toasts if you’d like, this will raise the amount of carbohydrates.

Enjoy! I really liked it!

O meu irmão colocou aparelho, não consegue comer nada sólido que requer mastigar por causa da dor. Sopa é a “solução”! Solução porque é líquido… O meu irmão e a minha mãe gostaram muito! 😀

1 alface grande ou média lavada
2 courgettes médias
2 cebolas
2 dentes de alho
2 mãos de alho francês cortado grossamente
500 ml de água
3 colheres de sopa de azeite extra virgem
Sal a gosto
1 colher de sopa de coentro fresco (opcional)
Tostas integrais (opcional)

1. Cozer a alface a vapor. Colocar todos os ingredientes numa panela, adicionar a água, ferver e manter fogo pequeno (100 º C) por 25 minutos.

2. Transfira a sopa para um processador de alimentos ou o que tiver para cremar a sopa. Corrija o sal.

3. Colocar as tostas na sopa. Isto irá elevar a quantidade de hidratos de carbono.

Bom apetite!

Feijoada Nutritiva Vegana — Vegan Black Bean Feijoada

I’ve decided to write the recipes in both Portuguese and English, to see if I can get more people to float by, I’ll have to take some pictures too.



3 colheres de sopa de feijão preto

2 colheres de sopa de feijão vermelho

1 colher de sopa de feijão frade

1 colher de feijão branco

2 colher de grão de bico


1 cebola média picada grosseiramente

2 dentes de alho esmagados ou meio cm de gengibre

2 cravinhos da índia

uma pitada de canela

sal a gosto

1/3 de Chouriço de soja/seitan ou outro substituto de carne como soja desidratada e(q.b.)

  1. Passar os feijões em água e colocar durante uma noite ou um dia.

  2. Aquecer uma panela de pressão em lume brando e adicionar azeite, cebola, dentes de alho/ gengibre). Cozinhar até ficar um pouco transparente, adicionar cravinhos e canela e gengibre, cozinhar mais um pouco.

  3. Colocar os feijões na panela com a água em que esteve de molho, adicione água até ficar três centímetros acima dos feijões, dependerá do tempo de cozedura. Tapar a panela, aumentar o lume. Quando estiver a sair muito vapor, baixar para lume brando e cozinhar durante 15 minutos – 25 minutos, depende do tempo de molho e da sua preferência.

  4. Na mesma panela ou noutra, corrigir água se necessário, adicionar sal, e o chouriço cortado em rodelas. Cozinhar durante 5-10 minutos e servir com arroz, legumes cozidos.

Poderá adicionar tofu frito ou tofu firme ao feijão se for o prato principal.


I’ve decided to write the recipes in both Portuguese and English, to see if I can get more people to float by, I’ll have to take some pictures too.



3 tbsp black beans

2 tbsp red beans

1 tbsp black eyed peas

1 tbsp white beans

2 tbsp chickpeas


1 medium onion roughly chopped

2 crushed garlic cloves or half cm of ginger

2 cloves

a pinch of cinnamon

salt to taste

1/3 soy/seitan chorizo or another meat substitute or dried soya(q.b.)

  1. Wash all the beans and chickpea. Store in a bowl and let it soak overnight or for a day.

  2. Heat a pressure pan in low heat, add olive oil, onion, crushed garlic cloves/ginger. Cook until it starts to become a little translucid, add in garlic or ginger, cloves, and cinnamon, cook for a while.

  3. Put the beans in the pressure pan with the water in which it soaked, and add water 3 cm above the beans. The cooking time will vary according to the soaking time. Cover the pan, turn to maximum heat. When the steam is on max, put fire on lowest and cook for 15-25 minutes, dependent of the soaking time and texture preference.

  4. In the same pan (you can transfer to another pan), correct the water if necessary, add salt, chorizo  or substitute. Cook for  5-10 minutes and serve with rice, or cooked vegetables.

You can add fried tofu or firm tofu to the feijoada if you are aiming for a main course.

Vegan Walnut Cake

l wanted the cake, so I went ahead and searched a little. The first time I made it it was too sweet and the flavour of nutmeg was faint, it did not resemble
the Portuguese cake I was searching for, so I added walnuts and cut the sugar. At least the batter had more scent 🙂

3/4 cup smashed walnut (you can mix in a little of any nuts you might like)
1 1/2 cup of plain flour
2/4 cup yellow sugar
2 tbsp cocoa powder
3 tsp sodium bicarbonate
1/2 olive oil ( any vegetable oil preferred)
1 1/4 cup of soymilk ( any other nondairy milk) or water

1. Preheat oven 180°C ( 356 F).
2. In a bowl, sift and mix all dry ingredients. Add oil, only then add milk or water. Mix well until batter is smooth.
3. Let the batter sit for about 5 minutes, meanwhile grease a small form.
4. Bake for about 40 minutes or until the toothpick comes out clean when pierced at the center of the cake.

Hope you liked it!